Sigma Therm - IH

Sigma Therm - IH
Sigma Therm - IH
Product Description

Features :

The SigmaTherm is an inverter based preheating and post weld heat treatment unit especially for tubes and pipes.

Depending on the size of the pipe, one or two units are used.Induction coils are placed on both sides of the welding seam.

Induction Heating

Heats only the tube material, So radiant heat loss is very small.The maximum temperature with the induction method is around 700° C. Induction colis are fast to install and can be used in tight heating places, and for any shape.

Heating Elements

Induction coil(s) with maximum length of 50m can be connected.

Digital Control System

PLC based system with Touch Screen HMI controls the SigmaTherm To get the desired temperature profile.

Temperature Measurement

Temperature is constantly monitored with a thermocouple. If needed, the temperature can be recorded, graphed and plotted for each cycle. The data can be transferred over a USB as desired.

Modes of Heating :


  • Set temperature


  • Heating Rate
  • Soaking Temperature
  • Soaking Time
  • Cooling Rate
  • Cooling Temperature


  • Power Percentage



Induction Coils :

Induction coils are in ready-to-use lengths in multiples of 5 mtrs. When using an induction coil in preheating, it is wrapped around the pipe without any insulation. The coil can be protected against welding spatter with insulation cloth. When doing post-weld heat treatment, the pipe is first insulated with 20 mm-thick ceramic blanket after which the coil is wrapped around the pipe.

Pipe Fabrication Shops

Power Piping

Construction/Repair Transmission Pipeline

Construction/Repair Petrochemical

Construction/Repair Shipbuilding

Mining Equipment Maintenance Drill Pipe Manufacturing

Substituting Gas Burners for Pre-Heating of Welding Joints

Specification :

Temprature Range Induction:200C-7000C
Heating Power 5KW / 40KW
Connection Volatge 1-Phase/50Hz/3-Phase/50Hz

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