Welding Inverter/Machines/Equipment

  1. Sigma Weld MIG MAG FCAW

    Specification - SW 250 MM/SW 400 MM/SW 600 MM
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  2. Sigma Weld Pro MIG

    Current Source - MIG 350/MIG 400/MIG 500/MIG 650
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  3. Sigma Weld TIG GTAW

    Specification - SW 170 PT/SW 250 PT/SW 400 PT/SW 600 PT
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  4. Sigma Weld Pro TIG

    TIG 400 P DC/TIG 500 P DC
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  5. Sigma Weld Pro TIG S.W.A.T

    S.W.A.T 500 PDC/S.W.A.T 1000 PDC
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  6. Sigma Weld AC DC TIG

    SW300 AC/DC |SW500 AC/DC
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  7. Sigma Weld Pro AC DC

    TIG 350 P AC/DC | TIG 400 P AC/DC | TIG 500 P AC/DC
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  8. Sigma Weld Hot Wire TIG Power Source

    Rated input voltage - 1ф ,220V, + 15%, 50HZ
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  9. Cold Wire Feeder

    The cold wire TIG system feeds welding filler material at desired speed with continous or pulsed feeding helps in increase productivity of welder, reduces stoppage, grinding needs and welder fatigue.
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  10. Sigma Therm - IH

    Sigma Therm - IH Pre-Post Weld Heat Treatment
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